The September appraisal fair at the Garage brought in a new round of cool vintage goods.  We'll be back on the 3rd Sunday of October.  1 free item appraisal per paid admission.  Here are a few of our favorites from September-

Ideal Shirley Temple Doll, 17" from the 1950's.  Her original owner brought Shirley in.  I was pretty impressed at how clean she was and her hair was great. She'd kept her all of her original shoes, socks and dress.  I wanted to show a close up on her face.  It's so perfect!  Would sell for $150 to $200 if sold on Ebay.  (minus 20% for misc fees)

Vintage Ideal Shirley Temple Doll 17 inch. 1950's original condition. What is Shirley Temple worth? $150 to $200
Original Shirley Temple doll from 1950's. 17 inches tall Ideal Shirley Temple Doll.

This circa 1870's carved letter box was originally acquired in England for the Marshall Fields Antiques department and was then acquired from that department in Chicago when they closed the department down for good.  It's history says, Finely hand carved from Stephen O'Donnell, London.  Arts and Crafts movement inspired.  C. 1870 English. Value anywhere from $300 to $500. Hard to get a comparable but the purchase price was originally $695 and it was marked down to $199 for the sale.  Not many of these out there for comparison, which is only a good thing for value!

Wood carved letter box from Marshall Fields Antiques. This box was purchased from Marshall Fields Antiques.
Hand carved box from Marshall Fields

An amazing tapestry rug by Luis Montiel.  This was a pair of round circular tapestries that looked also like it could be a pillow cover or pillow case at first.  The owner brought them in, she'd found them at a thrift store.   In a gallery they could sell for $350 to $400 for the pair! 1960's and brightly neon colored.

Luis Montiel artist, tapestry designer from Venezuela. Bright neon colors.
Tapestry by Luis Montiel, Mali Mai, in Venezuelan

An amazing Rookwood butterfat glaze vase with leaves.  The artist was Elizabeth Lincoln.  Measuring 9 inches this is a large piece of Rookwood pottery.  Signed and dated 1925, this all original piece has no chips or cracks. Some light crazing.  The owners found it with dirt inside.  It was used for flowers!  We estimated this piece could bring as much as $1000 depending on the venue sold.  In a specialized auction, a collector could go higher.   What a great score.

Rookwood vase with butterfat glaze. decorated by Elizabeth Lincoln. Brought to Vintage Garage Appraisal fair
Rookwood Pottery Vase


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Vintage Garage Chicago is a Chicago flea market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Vintage Garage Chicago is a Chicago flea market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
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