Vintage Garage Customers Have the BEST Vintage Style

Vintage Garage Style Chicago's vintage clothing street style fashion.

No one has style like the Vintage Garage customers. They’ve come for 7 seasons and found some of the greatest vintage clothing, vintage dresses, accessories, you name it! The outfits, the eye. I can never believe what they’ve found when I see it.  I’m always kicking myself. Why didn’t I

What are Vintage Garage Bucks?

Vintage Garage Bucks to spend on your favorite vintage at Vintage Garage Chicago!

Garage Bucks are good to spend at the Vintage Garage. Vendors accept them like cash and you can buy whatever they have for sale!  Only good for the date marked on them.  No cash is given back. We’ve got 3 ways to win Garage Bucks for the season opener April

Vintage Garage appraisal fair favorites – August

Vintage Garage appraisal fair

Vintage Garage Appraisal Fair August Vintage Garage Chicago hosted its first appraisal fair at the August 22nd show.  Customers were asked to bring in any items they were curious about.  Check out a few of our appraisal fair favorites below. We will hold the Vintage Garage appraisal fair on September 18

Vintage Design Trends Fall 2016

Vintage vases are perfect to have on hand for flowers!

Vintage Design Trends Fall 2016 Check out what we are seeing vendors featuring at the Vintage Garage Chicago this summer and our predictions for vintage design trends for fall! 1. Mis-matched sets Matchy-matchy is boring.  If you are putting together a new bedroom, don’t go for the whole matching set.