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Vintage Design Trends 2016

Vintage Design Trends 2016

House Beautiful put out their design trend predictions for the 2016 decorating season. Since interior designers are always on the hunt for what their customers are looking for, at an affordable price, I've complied the 2016 VINTAGE design trends that can easily be acquired at your local vintage or flea market. Not only are they a fraction of the cost of new, but they're often much higher in quality.

Pendant Lamps
Hanging pendant lamps are all the rage for 2016.  Instead of paying 1K plus for this type of lamp, hit your local flea market. A hanging pendant lamp at an antique mall (unless it's Tiffany of course) can run from $50, on the low end, to $500 for a more rare piece.  Whether you go high or low priced, the chances of you or your client having the same lamp as Fifi when you hit her place for bridge, is slim.

Pendant lamps in all shapes sizes and prices

A perfect stand in any room of the house is easy to come by second hand.  To find the perfect pedestal for a great piece of metal sculpture, for a cheaper price, check out your local vintage store, market or antique mall.

Desks can't be left off the list of hot vintage design trends. In the past 2 years at the Vintage Garage I've picked up two. One was a Paul McCobb desk and chair with great Midcentury lines for $350. The second was a 1970's red "comma" desk from Pierre Cardin.  The price? $450 and that included the chair and a red file cabinet thrown in.  The look was right at the right price for my eclectic mix.

Testing out my Pierre Cardin vintage desk at the Vintage Garage.

Traditional Tableware
Big sets of china and glass have been out for a while. For a long time, setting a table has been pared down and simplified. Little by little, I see the well set table coming back, just not with matching sets. Instead, I see a mix of pieces from different sets that may coordinate, but are still unique and will inspire inquiries from your guests. Boast that you put it together by grabbing pieces at vintage markets all over the world. Or don't. It can be your secret. Just don't be afraid to show off the 100-year-old English blue and white china with Midcentury silver or mixed metal pieces.  The conversation at your table will be lively.

Painted Mid Century furniture
Controversial though it may be (in the vintage world), painted Midcentury dressers and credenzas are hot. If it's well done and you haven't completely trashed a really high end piece of Midcentury furniture the world will never get back, it's fine.  Most were mass produced and there are some that look better with paint.  Prices on pieces like this at a vintage store, flea market or antique mall can range from $450 to $2000.

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Painted dresser by District Chicago, visit their site.

There are plenty of vintage markets, flea markets, antique stores or malls in your area where you can grab unique and quality pieces for a fraction of the price.

Unlike anything new and massed produced today, vintage pieces can hold their value.  You may not get all of what you paid back OR make a profit, BUT solid wood pieces of furniture from the past will always be in demand.

Finding new pieces today that are solid wood with solid craftsmanship will cost. Always check your vintage and antique options first. So many of the 2016 vintage design trends are a piece of cake!

To find vintage events in your area, check Facebook first or ask around.  There are many groups on Facebook for vintage and antique design. Find one and you'll find yourself in the know fast!

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