Early 1960’s Nylint Sticker Shock at the Ford Dealership

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The Nylint company began in 1937  producing kitchen tools and components for durable goods.  From 1941-45 they were focused on War effort manufacturing particularly  anti-aircraft magazines.  After the War, with their modern  steel pressing technology they turned in the direction of Toy making. There were dozens of toy makers making pressed steel toys before Nylint,

Vintage Garage appraisal fair favorites – August

Vintage Garage appraisal fair

Vintage Garage Appraisal Fair August Vintage Garage Chicago hosted its first appraisal fair at the August 22nd show.  Customers were asked to bring in any items they were curious about.  Check out a few of our appraisal fair favorites below. We will hold the Vintage Garage appraisal fair on September 18