May 17th Mid Century Modern

Vintage Garage always has a great selection from all eras but for May, an extra Mid Century boost....

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2015 Events Schedule


For a selection of the best vintage in Chicago, the Garage has it all!  The dates for the Vintage Garage 2015 season are April 19, May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, September 20 and October 18th. Each month

Vintage Garage Chicago Mid Century Modern, 5051 N. Broadway

Sell at the Vintage Garage


Online registration for the May 17th Vintage Garage featuring mid century modern is now open and it looks like another barn burner is underway.  If you want a space don’t wait.  Rain or Shine!  The Vintage Garage is 100 percent covered

What is Mid Century Modern?


May 17th the Vintage Garage celebrates Mid Century Modern! In May, we start our themes and what better way to kick it off than Mid Century!  This doesn’t mean you are only going to find MCM at the Garage in

Be a V.I.G.!

A Very Important Garager gets perks, like an early preview at the season opener and specials from Garage vendors and coffee from Heritage Outpost. Click to find out more!

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First Time to a Flea Market?


Flea Market Dying to go to a flea market and not sure where to start? I understand your excitement!  It’s a great time and you can find some bargains.  There are a few types of flea markets.  Some are complete

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Vintage Garage’s best retro shopping secrets!


Vintage Garage Chicago kicks off the 2015 vintage season on April 19th! We are excited to be back for 2015 with 100 vendors of great vintage in all categories like vintage clothing, home decor, mid century modern, pop culture, furniture,


Are Vinyl Records Back?


Vinyl is back!  The cover art, the classic music and sound, vinyl has never been gone. At the Vintage Garage we celebrate all things vinyl and music oriented in June and October.  The Record Ramp is the perfect time for vinyl lovers