CHICAGO-If you’re looking to liven up your office holiday party this year, look no further than Vintage Garage Holiday Trunk Show. Held December 8-9 in Edgewater, the show will provide enough vintage items to put on an office party that won’t be soon forgotten.

Vintage Promotions, LLC has compiled a list of five sizzling office party themes.

  • Decades Holiday Party: Pick a distinct pack of decades like 50’s & 60’s or 80’s and 90’s. It makes it easier to find costumes if you can cross the line between decades.
  • 1980’s and 1990’s Holiday Movies Party: Home Alone, Die Hard, Gremlins, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and for fun, throw in a prize for the guest who most emulates a character from one of your chosen holiday favorites. Think Uncle Eddie in his best holiday dickie.
  • Classic Cocktails Party: Build a holiday party around Rob Roys, Gin n’ Tonic, Champagne Cocktails and/or Brandy Alexanders. Dress the part and have an elegant boozy vintage time!
  • Vintage Pot Luck Party: Everyone brings a dish in their very best multi-colored vintage Pyrex. Exchange vintage aprons and kitchen-kitsch gifts. Drink from great vintage glassware and eat from your favorite vintage china!
  • Mad Men Office Party: Spike the punch, get out the old typewriters and tight sweaters cause the 1960’s office party is a perfect theme for this year’s party.

The Vintage Garage Holiday Trunk Show will be held December 8th and 9th from 11 a.m. untl 6 p.m. in a storefront at Granville and Broadway. More information is available at

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